Spares and Maintenance

In addition to our core components we carry in our product portfolio, of course, spare parts and accessories, like reflectors, quartz glass and filters, specialty cables, ceramic terminals and insulators and componentss that are needed in the daily use of UV.

Switch cabinets

uv-technik meyer gmbh supplies switch cabinets that can fit your UV system in many shapes and sizes. All our switch cabinets meet the specific regulation requirements associated with sensitive measurement and control signals.


Clamps for uv lamp caps, tools, valves,submersible tubes etc.
For diameters of 6,4 mm to 50,8 mm

UV safety goggles

UV safety goggles in different protection steps to protect against UV light.

UV lamp service and safety kit

The UV lamp service and safety kit contains all the necessary instruments for changing lamps and is an excellent ‘First Aid Kit’ for lamp breakages.

Cleaning wipes

Wipes for cleaning UV lamps, filter plates, protective glass, etc. Single cleaning wipes soaked in isopropyl alcohol.


The coating transmits the required UV energy from the light source whilst suppressing a part the unwanted infrared lamp energy. The UV transmitter quartz plates are placed between lamp and substrate, so it influences the whole IR-radiation, emitted from the lamp.

Quartz glass and quartz glass plates

Quartz glass plates are usually used in the field of UV technology to separate UV emitters from the surfaces, objects or substrates to be irradiated. Their main use is to separate different air flows or to protect against contamination or spray. Quartz glass plates have a good UV, VIS and IR transmissions between approx. 210 to 4,000 nm.

Cold UV Mirrors

UV curing is essential in the processing of temperature sensitive substrates in printing and curing applications using solvent free inks, lacquers, glues. The ever increasing requirements being placed on the productivity and performance of these curing modules are resulting in higher and higher radiation densities and thus the need for improved heat suppression.