UV lamps and lamps are used in many different ways in industry to optimize curing processes. When curing paints, inks or even adhesives, UV lamps are used, for example, in the graphics and printing industry as well as in coatings. Thanks to our many years of expertise and practical experience, the customers of uv-technik meyer gmbh benefit from the development and production of UV lamps in ispecific design and adaptation to individual requirements and specifications.

Medium pressure UV lamps (UVH) are mainly installed where uv-reactive paints or coatings are used. Photo initiators within the substances are exposed to UV radiation thus creating a reaction between the ink and the lacquer called polymerization. In addition to paints and coatings, industrial UV radiation is used in many other fields, e.g. in materials testing, photochemistry and also for disinfection of material surfaces, air and water.


The energy balance for most types of UVH lamps is as follows (approximate values)…Depending on the filling of the lamp, whether only mercury or also with iron or gallium or other additives, the radiation peaks shift to different wavelengths.

Lamp ID

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UVH lamps supplied by uv-technik meyer gmbh are covered by a warranty that depends on the type, power and spectrum of the lamp. The warranty period applies for lamps that are not contaminated by dirt on the outside and are efficiently cooled.

UVH lamp production

The production of high- quality  UV lamps involves many steps. This video gives you an insight into the manufacturing process.

Operating UV lamps

A ballast that ensures the operation of the lamp at the desired power is required for using a UVH lamp. Combinations of chokes and a starter can be used for lamps operating at a power of up to 5 kW. In the power range of 5 kW up to approximately 8 kW, combinations of an autotransformer and chokes are used while leakage-field transformers are preferred from a power level of 8 kW upwards.