AC 5

OmniCure® AC550 and AC575

High Output Air Cooled UV LED Systems

Ideal for curing inks in print, marking and coding applications or adhesives
and coatings in electronics, optics and medical device assembly.


  • Compact, air-cooled LED system for ease of integration
  • Power supply unit with continuous output control between 20 and 100%
  • Exceptional Irradiance performance for different working distances

The OmniCure AC550 and AC575 UV LED systems utilize high emission LEDs which achieve 14 W/cm at the optics window. The systems include advanced front-end optics to provide high peak irradiance at long working distances with extended clearance of conveyed parts. This allows for easier curing, or the option of focusing the light at different working distances for adapting to a specific UV process.

Utilizing a patented process for individually addressing each UV LED module output, the OmniCure AC550 and AC575 offers consistent results by ensuring high longitudinal uniformity over the entire 50mm (2″) to 75mm (3″) curing area. A uniform exposure area allows for curing of larger and/or multiple parts simultaneously. It also offers the ability to convert a static curing process to one where parts are being cured while in motion in order to increase throughput.

The air-cooled, compact LED head design eliminates the need for external cooling or ozone extraction while simplifying integration. The curing systems can also be mounted in any orientation, using different wavelengths for greatest flexibility. External mechanical and optical accessories are also available for use in similar applications.

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