AC 7

OmniCure® AC7150 and AC7300

Air Cooled UV LED Systems

Ideal for curing inks in print, marking and coding applications or adhesives and coatings in electronics, optics and medical device assembly.


  • Compact, air-cooled LED system for ease of integration
  • Stackable system
  • Power supply unit with continuous output control between 20 and 100%
  • Exceptional irradiance performance for different working distances

The OmniCure AC7 Series UV LED systems utilize high emission LEDs which achieve over 5,2 W/cm (395 nm) at the optics window. The systems include advanced front-end optics to provide high peak irradiance at long working distances with extended clearance of conveyed parts. By adapting the output to support the process requirements of the industry, the AC7 Series product portfolio can be applicable for a range of varying applications with different process needs.

The AC7 Series utilizes a patented process for addressing individual UV LED module outputs, and providing exceptional uniformity over the entire curing area. Multiple UV LED heads can be adjoined while maintaining optical uniformity between each system. The flexibility to achieve larger curing areas in a variety of customizable lengths enables manufacturers to improve throughput without compromising on performance.

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