BLP 59-S

Solid State Power Supply for UV lamps

Step less adjustable from 600 to 6,000 W

This fully electronic power supply succeeds the well known ALP 51 and includes several advantages as higher lamp
power and better cooling, which results in longer life time and even more reliability over long time operating.
The units are designed to drive uv-lamps in the various fields of industry, e.g. Printing, CD/DVD production and any
application which uses uv-lamps from 3,000 to 6,000W nominal power.

Special Advantages:

  • Universal use in the nominal power class of 3,000 to 6,000 W, this means ONE power supply drives different types of uv-lamps in the above named power class
  • Stepless and quick adjustment of uv-lamp power, e.g. for stepless adjustment of uv-power relative to the speed of a printing machine; or with interrupted processes (e.g. quick power pulsing); or to adjust uv-power relative to lamp ageing.
  • Constant wattage uv-lamp output according to power settings
  • Not influenced by mains voltage fluctuation
  • Wide range of 3-phase mains voltages from 376 to 509V, 50 and 60Hz, including missing phase detection
  • Controlled by DC 0…10V
  • To be placed in a cabinet or similar cooled housings, with max. temperature inside 40°C
  • Output is protected against ground faults, overload and short circuits, additionally open circuit causes no problems
  • Easy to install and less wiring needed, no phase angle correction and no external ignitor needed
  • Lighter and in many cases smaller as a conventional power supply
  • In accordance to EN 50178 / VDE 0160 and other European and world wide standards (IEC)
  • CE sign, EMC according to EN 55011, group I, class A (industrial areas)
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