UVC Cold Cure Unit

CCure curing modules are used in industrial UVC curing applications. The modules are equipped with several UV low pressure lamps that emit highly efficient UVC radiation at 254 nm.
With matched paints and varnishes these modules have compared to classical UV modules with medium-pressure UV lamps which emit in a wide spectral range following advantages:

  • Highly efficient UVC emission
  • low power consumption
  • low heat generation
  • broad emission area for high UV dose
  • no shutter necessary
  • short running-up time
  • ozone free UV curing
  • low maintenance costs due to extremely durable low-pressure UV lamps
  • available colors are more stable than colors that are reactive in the long UV wavelength region
  • can be combined with conventional medium pressure UV moduls and also with UV LED which emit at longer wavelength
  • easy to use
  • easy to implement in existing machines
  • low weight
  • simple air cooling

By perfect adaptation of electronic ballast (EPS) to our UVC low pressure lamps and their air cooling CCure curing modules are highly efficient UVC sources for harsh industrial applications

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