Double Aachen

Reflector unit

with fixed reflectors for uv medium pressure lamps type Double Aachen

This reflector unit is designed especially for fibre optic curing applications where the fibre optic enters centrally through the UV module and is irradiated from all sides. This is achieved by two integrated semi-circular reflectors. The reflectors have highly polished anodised reflector sheets which can be easily exchanged. A single Medium Pressure Mercury Lamp is mounted inside the reflector unit. The reflector concentrates the uv light onto the surface of the fibre optic cable. The reflectors can be adjusted if necessary.

The cooling of the uv lamp is achieved by extracting air through the uv module itself. Incoming air is firstly cleaned by the specially located air filters. The air is then exhausted via an air-connection mounted on the reverse. For maintenance a hinge makes it possible to open the uv module (to feed-in the fibre optic or for maintenance, e.g. lamp change).

Data sheet