Reflector units

Reflectorunit with shutter for uv medium pressure lamps

  • Several lengths are available.
  • The reflectors are realised as shutter.

Reflector unit with shutter for UV medium-pressure lamps, type Ellwangen. The reflector unit of type Ellwangen is available in many different lengths. The reflectors have a dual function and are also used as shutters. The initial focus can very easily be set during installation.

The reflectors consist of an extruded aluminium profile and replacable reflector plates (mirror finish anodised aluminium mirror plates or dichroic ’cold UV’ reflector panels) inserted into the profile. Lamp lengths with electrode gaps of up to 580 mm and a specific lamp power of 240 W/cm, or even longer units with reduced specific power, can be supplied. Cooling is achieved using air that is usually extracted from the top of the unit. For this purpose, the reflector unit is equipped with one or more exhaust air vents.

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