Handheld HI 1 & UV-Sensor SI 1

Handheld HI 1 and UV-Sensor SI 1

for quick and easy UV measurements

Features HI 1:

  • Small and portable display unit for uv sensor SI 1
  • large-scaled 7/16 segment display with units
  • Measuring functions: Measured value, saving of maximum / minimum values, hold function
  • Test functions: Range monitoring, sensor breakage indication, battery voltage check and display

Features SI 1:

The uv sensor SI 1 is a robust uv measuring instrument which measures and displays in combination with the hand-held unit HI 1 the intensity of uv lamps for short-time measurements. The uv sensor of the measuring cell is built to resist temperatures up to 50°C. The uv sensor is available for different uv measuring ranges. The calibration of the sensors is saved in the special plug connector. Because of this only one hand-held unit is needed for different uv sensors.

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