Cold UV Mirror

Cold UV Mirror

Highreflectice and selective Cold UV Mirror Aluminium, stainless steel or quartz glass

UV curing is essential in the processing of temperature sensitive substrates in printing and curing applications using solvent free inks, lacquers, glues. The ever increasing requirements being placed on the productivity and performance of these curing modules are resulting in higher and higher radiation densities and thus the need for improved heat suppression.

UV-Technik offers solutions for optimising the performance of UV curing modules. Dichroic UV cold reflectors especially designed for the commonly used UV-lamps result in a extremely high yield of UV-radiation. At the same time the heat load on the product to be cured is reduced to a minimum. Normal reflectors, typically high gloss aluminium reflectors, reflects UV in a high degree, but also light and IR radiation. Coating of the reflector sheets with our UV-cold coating reflects UV as good as high gloss aluminium sheets, but absorbs a lot of the IR radiation and gives it to the reflector body or the cooling air.Typical applications are: Printing machines (e.g. foils), optical storage media (CD, DVD), Electronics, surface treatment.

A variety of customer-specific reflector geometries can be realised.

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