UV-Onlinesensor QSO 3

This sensor was developed to allow online UV measurement of UV medium pressure lamps. The high UV intensity as well as the high temperatures, which let drift normally the values, were a challenge but using the right materials and sensors and the special quartz rod system makes an easy to use UV online sensor possible. As the measured value mainly depends from the mounting situation, this unit has only to be used as a relative measuring device, which means, the measured value is to be set to 100% in the new condition of lamp and reflector etc. The sensor could be placed near to the lamp, e.g. at the edges of the reflector.


  • Robust sensor for online UV measurement
  • Proportional output signal DC 0… 10 V (e.g. for a simple DC voltmeter or PLC)
  • Sensitivity adjustable in steps of factor 10 up to 1000, can be combined with factor 0.3
  • Air purging possible
Data sheet