Quartz glass and quartz glass plates

Quartz glass and quartz glass plates

Use of quartz glass plates for UV applications

Possible applications:
Quartz glass plates are usually used in the field of UV technology to separate UV emitters from the surfaces, objects or substrates to be irradiated. Their main use is to separate different air flows or to protect against contamination or spray. Quartz glass plates have a good UV, VIS and IR permeability of approx. 210 to 4,000 nm ( 80%). Quartz glass is also used as a medium for filter coatings in UV applications. They are also known as transmitters.

Quartz glass plates can be manufactured and cut in many different sizes according to customer requirements. They have a slightly rippled surface and can show slight ‘streaks’. These are caused by the manufacturing
process and are not quality defects. Plates polished on both sides and fire polished plates are available on request as special designs.

Key features:

  • high transmission of UV up to the IR range (200 – 4,000 nm and higher)
  • high thermal stability (up to approx. 1,100 °C)
  • low thermal expansion coefficient and thus good resistance to temperature change
  • very low chemical reactivity
  • high dielectric strength (good insulator)
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