Test UV strip

Test UV strip

UV measuring strips for UV dose measurements

The UV measuring strips TestUVstrip are made for measuring the UV radiation (dose) of different industrial UV light sources including

  • UV medium pressure lamps (Hg, Fe- or Ga-doped)
  • UV LEDs (395 nm)
  • UVC Low pressure lamps (CCure and uv-freshâ)

The UV measuring strips are sensitive in the entire UV emission range, i.e. wavelengths between approx. 230 and approx. 400 nm.

How the UV measuring strips TestUVstrip work

The UV measuring strips have a multi-layer structure: There is a matt white UV-sensitive layer on the carrier film, which begins to turn blue when exposed to UV radiation. The longer the UV measuring strips are exposed or the more intensive the UV radiation is, the bluer the UV measuring strips get. In order to be able to measure both small and high UV doses, measurements can be made with or without a filter film. The filter film covers the measuring film and can be easily removed by folding back or tearing off / cutting for the measuring process.

The UV radiation is determined in three steps:

  1. Measurement with or without filter film
  2. Determination of the resulting density / colour density (blue discolouration)
  3. Evaluation by using the dose graphs


  • Zip lock bag with 10 pcs. TestUVstrip UV measuring strips
  • Manual with four Dose graphs for UV medium pressure lamps (Hg, Fe, Ga), UV LED (395 nm) and UVC Low pressure lamps (CCure, uv-fresh)
Data sheet