Coated quartz glass filters for curing applications

Typical applications:

Typical applications are UV curing modules in:

  • Printing machines
  • Manufacturing machines for packaging, high gloss brochures, plastic foils, heat sensitive labels, CD’s and DVD’s, credit cards
  • Wood working industry machines


The transmitter coating is deposited on quartz windows and cover plates. The coating transmits the required UV energy from the light source whilst suppressing a part the unwanted infrared lamp energy. This filter improves the efficiency of high power UV-curing modules. The UV-Transmitter quartz plates are placed between lamp and substrate, so it influences the whole IR-radiation, emitted from the lamp. A single UV transmitter is typically sufficient for most of the applications. Although, stacking multiple filters in a laminate is possible for UV curing systems to optimise the suppression of the unwanted visible and IR radiation.


  • High UV transmittance
  • Lamp and dichroic mirror/reflector protection in running curing processes
  • Increased productivity by less maintenance and longer service cycles
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Significant reduction of heat, essential for curing heat sensitive materials
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