UV Disc

Integrator with integrated heat shield for measuring the UV dose


This measuring instrument measures the applied dose thereby examining the effects of UV lamp aging and contamination. It can be used where a conveyor belt (or similar) passes underneath uv lamps, e.g. in UV-curing ovens, photo-resist exposure systems, printed board exposure systems etc. which is typical in the furniture and printing industry, as well as PCB manufacturing and others where uv medium pressure lamps are used.

The UV Disc is placed on the conveyor belt or similar, so that the uv sensor on the back of this unit is facing toward the uv lamp. The sensor receives the incoming UV radiation while passing the lamps in one range and integrates it over the exposure time. The total dose afterwards is displayed on the LCD in mJ/cm².

With regular measurements it is therefore possible to anticipate the time and minimum UV dose needed to avoid uncured products. UV lamps can then be cleanded or replaced at the right time, i.e. not too soon to save costs and not too late, to prevent curing problems.

Data sheet