UV-Sensor TS 1

TS 1

UV intensity quartz rod sensor

The uv sensor TS 1 is a quartz glass rod sensor which can be inserted through a hole into the uv dryer to measure close to the uv lamp and the irradiated substrate. UV depreciation due to dust on the uv lamp, reflectors or blackening near the ends of the lamp can also be measured. Through this realistic measurements will be achieved.

The calibration is stored in the intelligent sensor plug. The values are shown on the optional handheld HI 1. The quartz glass rod is protected by a ø 6 mm stainless steel tube. At the end of the stainless steel tube the measuring window is located on one side. Through this window the uv radiation enters into the quartz glass rod and is guided to the sensor to be converted into an electric signal. The TS 1 is designed for short-time measurements for curing applications.


  • Easy to use uv intensity measuring device (mW/cm²)
  • Indicates lamp aging, lamp blackening and reflector conditions
  • Different sensors for UV-C, UV-B, UV-A, UV-VIS, UV-LED and full UV available
  • Mounting plate and guidance plate are included
  • Calibration is stored in the intelligent sensor plug
  • Delivery as a complete set in a case
  • Battery driven universal handheld HI 1 optionally available
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