UV Spectro

UV spectral radiometer

The UV Spectro combines two functions in one device: First, it is a spectrometer for measurements in the UV range from 200 to 440 nm, in addition, it is a UV-integrator for measuring the intensity profile when passing under a medium-pressure UV lamp or UV LED. Also, the dose can be measured.

The UV Spectro is, due to its flat design, the world’s slimmest UV spectral radiometer, being only 14 mm high, it is therefore a versatile instrument. During the measuring process, the individual wavelengths by means of a specially-developed collation of rays with a combined diode array continuously record and store the results in the internal memory. The stored results can be compared at a later time. The measured values and the measured curves can be viewed on the built-in display. The UV Spectro works as a fully autonomous device.

Due to the fact that the UV Spectro measures selective wavelengths it is possible to measure optionally with sensitivity curves of filtered radiometers or to measure with effect-related curves (e.g. the sensitivity curve of a photo-initiator).

The UV Spectro versions with USB interface, the stored measurements can be read on a PC (software included). The measured values of the intensity and the dose are shown as numbers, and the spectrum is represented as a curve. Bar graphs illustrating the irradiation intensity and the dose. In the version with USB interface 50 measurements in the device will be stored.

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