UV Tube

UV Tube 3C, 3CT, 4C

Integrator for measuring UV intensity and dose plus temperature*

  • options UV-A, -B -C and -VIS (UV Tube 4C) intensity in mW/cm² + Dose in mJ/cm²
  • Full UV intensity in mW/cm² + Dose in mJ/cm²
  • Temperature in °C / °F (UV Tube 3CT)*
  • high sampling rate
  • Storage of all measured values on SD card
  • PC software with many user-friendly features

The UV Tube Integrator is UV multi-channel-measuring instrument for curing applications. It is designed to measure, record and display peak UV intensity, UV dosage and temperature* (UV Tube 3CT) in bottle/tube machines. The sensor has to be fixed during passage in a customer-side dummy. The small size and extremely low weight of the UV Tube allows UV measurements under realistic conditions.

Due to its different UV sensors and the integrated microprocessor the UV Tube can measure and record the peak of the UV intensity for each UV band individually. Additionally, this UV Integrator is calculating the uv dosage of the uv energy supplied during the time of exposure of one measuring cycle for each uv bandwidth seperately. This allows to determine not only the total energy, but also how that energy is delivered, i.e. what intensity and dose at what uv band. The measuring sensors are located next to each other on the cylindrical housing wall of the integrator.

The readings are stored on the included SD card and can be downloaded to a PC, edited and stored, e.g. to document a diagram based on the measured values history of a UV lamp through graphics.

Data sheet