The coating transmits the required UV energy from the light source whilst suppressing a part the unwanted infrared lamp energy. The UV transmitter quartz plates are placed between lamp and substrate, so it influences the whole IR-radiation, emitted from the lamp.


Quartz glass and quartz glass plates

Quartz glass plates are usually used in the field of UV technology to separate UV emitters from the surfaces, objects or substrates to be irradiated. Their main use is to separate different air flows or to protect against contamination or spray. Quartz glass plates have a good UV, VIS and IR transmissions between approx. 210 to 4,000 nm.


Cold UV Mirrors

Dichroic UV cold reflectors especially designed for the commonly used UV lamps result in a extremely high yield of UV radiation. At the same time the heat load on the product to be cured is reduced to a minimum


Reflector sheets

This highly polished anodised UV reflector material is optimized for the reflection of the UV spectrum. This material is available in sheets or can be cut and shaped to customer requirements.


Reflector ­profiles

Extruded aluminium profiles with exchangeable reflector plates.