Test UV strip


Test UV strip – The universal UV measuring strip

For measuring the UV radiation (dose) of different industrial UV light sources:

  • UV medium pressure lamps (Hg and doped lamps)
  • UV LED
  • UVC Low pressure lamps (e.g. uv-fresh, CCure)
  • Exceptionally broad sensitivity range thanks to additional filter film
  • Can be evaluated visually or with a standard colour density measuring device (optional)

Wherever space is extremely limited or in situations where electronic UV radiometers will not fit, the new TestUVstrip has a distinct advantage (e.g. litho, web printing etc.). The new UV measuring strips have a maximum thickness of 200 micrometers.

The UV dose  (mJ/cm²) can be measured with (high dose) or without (lower dose) the enclosed filter film: An extremely broad sensitivity range is consequently achieved. The evaluation is carried out visually via comparative colour change. An additional evaluation device is not necessary, so there are no initial equipment costs.

Alternatively, the UV dose can be measured with an ink density meter (supplied by the customer) which is commonly available in most printing companies.

The UV-measurement strips, TestUVstrip, are supplied in a zip lock bag as a set. One set contains 10 pcs. UV measurement strips, a REFERENCE CARD and an instruction manual which includes the reference evaluation curves.