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uv-technik meyer gmbh: for over 30 years, your expert partner in UV technology!
Our strengths are innovation and continuity in the core fields of development, quality, and service. That’s why we’re one of the leading brands in the UV technology market!
Our products are subject to the most exacting standards of production and quality control, with respect to both construction and operating performance. As leader of our market segment, we have a lot to live up to! “Made in Germany” applies to every aspect of our business.
In order to consistently have the ability to offer the newest products, technologies and solutions to our customers, we orient ourselves to their business needs!
In our private, dedicated laboratory, our professional team tests the technology under real-world conditions, with a focus on goal-oriented use of our products. This is done so that we can guarantee our customers the quality they expect.

We have revolutionized UV technology for you, our customers!
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